Review: Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask Hydration

I decided to try something new this time around since I’ve been spending quite sometime on those Innisfree sheet masks. Today I decided to test out the too cool for school London New York egg cream hydration mask I’ve been hoarding ever since I bought the Sephora’s Favorite Soko to Tokyo set from Sephora a while back.

As usual, I would cleanse my face first and then apply toner and once my skin soaks up that toner I take out a sheet mask to try out for the day. This microfiber sheet mask truly amazed me because I never tested out a sheet mask with a mesh that you have to take off before applying the sheet mask onto the skin.

The mask was completely drenched in egg yolk and coconut extract and it smelled delightful. I felt like I was bathing my face with lotion like I’ve felt with the butterbear bath bomb from Lush. Unlike any other sheet masks I’ve tried it adhere to the skin super well. I left the sheet mask on for around twenty minutes and then removed it off of my face. It moisturized and absorbed into my skin that I didn’t need to massage the remaining serum onto my face. I definitely want to try out more sheet masks from too cool for school line.

FTC: This blog post is not sponsored and I bought everything with my own money. All images are my own unless stated otherwise. All opinions are my own.

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